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Needless to say, if you’re trekking a long distance, say a New Mexico deer hunt on flat terrain, chances are that your best bet for a deer blind isn’t going to be a tree stand with a pop-up. The fact is that finding a tree to put it in is going to present a problem over a large portion of the state.

For terrain like New Mexico, rocky and flat, your best bet will likely be a lightweight and very portable fabric ground blind. Easy to carry, easy to set up and offering you the protection you want from the sun and other elements. Make sure that in the bright sunlight you’re not going to show up in stark relief or you’re not going to get the birds. In other words, go with the lined one.

When it comes to Nebraska weather, you’re probably going to want something a little more sturdy. Here is where the tow-behinds might come into play, although many of us won’t have the option if you’re hunting on someone else’s property.

Nebraska turkey hunting is nearly legendary, but no less so than Nebraska weather. Storms whip up in an instant and the winds can hit hard. In addition to this, the sun beats down and can really bust the hunter in the lighter weight fabric deer blinds, so make sure that if you go with the fabric variety, you select one that is well lined. The Doublebull Darkhorse seems to be the deer blind of choice for Nebraska turkey hunters.

Pennsylvania deer season is perfect for the sturdy tree stand variety. The vantage point is great and it can make it a stretch for the deer to see you, and the extra cover against the wind is going to help a lot. If for some reason you’re not able to climb, or you don’t like heights then you may want to choose one of the steel box blinds. They can be a little more costly but they are also built for comfort. Steel hunting blinds range form thinner ones built of sheet metal to the high end ones that offer welded seams and everything up to and including the kitchen sink.

Today’s hunter has the option to get just about any kind of deer blind he wants if he’s willing to spend the right amount of money. Rumor has it that one former president had one with a bar and a bathroom!


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Deer blinds have become popular as more hunters take to bow hunting and want to get as close as possible to a trophy buck. Since deer are sensitive to sight, motion and scent, a camouflaged blind built to suit the area can help disguise you easily. You can use a deer blind to increase your chances of success, as well as provide some protection from the elements.

Designing or buying the plans for a deer blind is a good choice for many hunters. Compared to purchasing a pre-built one you may have more flexibility to customize the size and features before you actually build your stand.

Buying a Set of Deer Blind Plans:

If you’re going to buy a set of plans for your deer blind make sure the company is prepared to provide detailed drawings, all materials lists, and well written assembly instructions. If they just show you a couple of color pictures on their website then you may as well build your blind from ideas in your head and a handwritten sketch in your garage.

If you’re going to buy plans they should be pre-tested and make life easier for you. Any reputable company will also provide you with plans for several different styles. Make sure you get drawings for at least one box stand, one tree stand, and ideally one portable or trailer stand. You probably won’t get drawings for climbing stands as these are a little tricky to build yourself.

Feel free to use whatever type of wood or other materials you have laying around, or the cheapest material at your local hardware store. Your only concern is that it’s functional and sturdy. The camouflage fabric or paint on the outside will take care of the rest.

One of the advantages to having a set of plans is that you can modify your blind to suit your specific surroundings and foliage, as well as making use of whatever materials you have available. In other words you are in more control of your hunting experience. This can be particularly useful for a deer blind that you may be moving in a week or in a season.


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Hunting deer is a test of persistence, hours spent as motionless as possible in the hopes of being ready for that perfect shot. Climbing a tree in freezing weather to get above ground level and wait is more about endurance than patience, which makes stands very popular among deer hunters.

There are numerous companies selling deer blinds. You can buy 4×4 box stands, tree stands, ground blinds, and portable models. Most will require assembly, although some of the fabric style blinds are essentially ready to go.

You might find some of the popular big name brands at your local sporting goods store or Walmart, but many of the better deer blinds are available online. The specialty hunting stores online are able to offer more selection, as well as great information and tips that the average sales person at your local sporting store may not know.

For example, the Sportsman’s Condo tree style deer blind is an excellent product already to go. You’ll pay anywhere between $700 and $1500 for one of these, but they are well made and supported by a good company. The Sportsman’s Condo product line is roto-molded plastic based, and you can add special accessories like a window and door kit, bow holder, and a specially made base for 4×4 posts.

The model has been designed with archers in mind. It’s approximately 7 feet tall and with a 6 foot diameter gives you plenty of room to draw your bow. A specially designed window is at the right height to rest your arm as you aim the bow. The molded plasticĀ  won’t rot or rust, and you can mount it just about anywhere.

On the other hand you can spend a lot less money and buy a fabric style of deer blind like the Ameristep Brickhouse TSC. You can get this lightweight model where ever you need it in the field and then pop it up like a tent.